Protect your investment

Well-laid subfloor is critical for any new flooring project. Subfloor provides a stable, level surface that new flooring can easily be installed on. Subfloor not only makes it easier for us to lay new hardwood or vinyl, but it also makes your floors smoother to walk on.

The importance of having a level subfloor cannot be understated. If someone were to install a new hardwood floor on an uneven subfloor, any number of issues can creep up. Gaps in the space underneath the floor can give rise to pockets of moisture buildup which can lead to mold or rot. Continued use of an uneven floor can damage the floorboards, leading to potentially increased damage if left untreated.

Buying a new floor isn’t something done cheaply and flippantly, so why not ensure that your investment is protected by calling us to assess your subfloor or install a new one for your next big project.