Get your floor back to looking like new

We offer high-end floor refinishing services that will have your floor looking better than the day you had it installed. While all wooden flooring should get some refinishing, the timing and amount of refinishing depend greatly on the type of wood and its exposure to foot-traffic and environmental variables in the home.

When you choose us to refinish your floor what you’ll get is honesty, timeliness, and a fair price. We haven’t survived for over 20 years as a family business by souring relationships, and with that, we’d love to work with you so that you understand and feel comfortable with what you’re getting. 

Call us

Whether you already know that you want to get your floor refinished or if you have some general questions, don’t hesitate to call us; we’re here to help even if that means you’re not interested in buying at the moment.

Discuss Options

Does your floor need refinishing, sanding, or repair? We can help guide you to find the answers you seek.

Get it Done

When you choose us to refinish your floor you can rest assured that we’ll inform you about the process so that when we show up to get the job done it’ll be done as soon as possible.